Tuesday, February 8, 2022

 The WW3 Children

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On 2/08/22, I dreamt I was a soldier in the army. Soldiers and I were going to protest an army protocol they had that was in violation of our rights as a soldier; something they were forcing on us that was not good.

Then we saw heavy equipment leaving the country. We knew a war was coming, like ww3, but we weren't being told of it. Against the back drop of an ocean beach, we saw this huge military equipment leaving by sea and by sky and knew war was coming.

Then there were this rag tag bunch of kids who came to the army camp. We saw them coming like an invasion from on shore. We were looking thru the army building huge glass, I guess it was bullet proof glass panels, seeing this rag tag bunch coming at us. We didn't feel threatened by them because the glass was not penetrable. They were a bunch of kids, coming in their bikes, scooters, with toy guns and such. They were angry and making a lot of noise. I remember seeing a generals daughter in this rag tag group riding a jeep with these young rebels hanging off it, thinking even families are breaking up over this.

Then we met up with these kids and announced to them that WW3 is coming. The kids sobered up quick and became humble and quiet. We command them that they go back home and be with their families. Someone commanded “it's almost your bed time, now go!” The kids suddenly changed their demeanor and did as we said and left quickly... eod

Interpretation - I don’t know if the soldier protest is current or something to come. If it’s current, it probably has to do with the negative health effects from the mandating. This may show a present time we’re in right now. Or it could be something else coming up soon. This is indicative of infighting within our government on another level, the soldiers being in rebellion.

The next scene, with the heavy equipment leaving the country. That is something next we need to watch for. There is rumor of war with Russia over Ukraine. On watch to see if that is the case or if its something else. If we do go to war over seas, that is a sign of WW3 coming soon after. It could be a war with China as well over Taiwan or both?

The rag tag bunch of children is a revolution that is coming. God sees them as children who are simplistic in their understanding of what is going on and do not see, that war is coming soon. The Revolution will be very short lived and there will be a lot of noise in social media over it. This will divide families and friends (sounds like what’s happened and is happening with the you know what).

All the noise will end abruptly because of world war 3 coming and everyone will sober up very suddenly. These divisions will seem petty in light of world war 3 coming.

A sergeant like voice told the kids to go home it’s almost your bed time now. This was a two fold metaphor, one for those who die in the war, it will be their bed time to sleep in their grave till either the blessed first or second resurrection. For those who live thru it, a bed time to rest, meaning there will be no work, no stores to shop at, no driving around town, etc. The war will shut everything down accept what is needed for the war.

Be aware of not being presumptuous in any of this. There may be a deceptive appearance of everything being ok or getting better. Don’t buy it. Continue on in prepping. Here are the overwhelming confirmations of ww3 coming. God has spoken it and backed it up well… ww3links.blogspot.com

Be not children in your understanding. See the bigger picture of what’s going on. Don't get caught up in the revolution noise coming. Most of all, get your heart right with Jesus and stop making your own plans and serving your own visions. Get in prayer and find the wisdom God wants to give you in prepping and helping your brethren make it thru. He will guide your mind. For others in the vulnerable areas, you will need to relocate to the middle rural parts of the country. We are not 4 years from ww3. See ww3timing.blogspot.com

In Christ our King, Bill Weather, 2020sprophecy.com